Items needed for the day of the sale:
1. Computer
2. Printer, ink, and paper (triplicate, white, yellow, and pink)
3. Internet
4. Bidder Cards
5. Ear Tag Cards
6. Pens
7. Clipboards; taking locker notes (Charles), Auctioneer assistant
8. Extension cords and charging station items

Sale help needed for the day of the sale:
1. Bidder registration attendant(s)
2. Sales Clerk and additional Computer operator(s); enter in bidder registration, lots sold, and bidder payments
3. Sale Clerk/attendant to gather bid/lot information during the sale
Note: Write down floor price information and buyer information
4. Sale Clerk to figure buy backs
5. Auctioneer
6. Ringside attendants
7. Livestock takers and givers per species

— Check In Process —

— After Sale Day —

— No more than 30 days after Sale Day —

The auction sale of the animal for the beef check-off is to be mailed to the State of South Dakota with the animals broke down by state on the form. SD Beef Council will send the other states their payment.

Here is the report to be submitted:

October 20__

South Dakota Beef Industry Council
316 South Coteau
PO Box 7051
Pierre, SD 57501

The following is a report if the cattle sold at the 20__ Western Junior Livestock Show held in Rapid City, South Dakota in October 20__.

South Dakota: __ head x $1.00 = $__.00
Colorado: __ head x $1.00 = $__.00
Nebraska:  __  head x $1.00 = $__.00

Total Collected $__.00

Total Remitted $__.00


Kathy Micheel, Western Junior Livestock Show Clerk
21256 408th Ave. Cavour, SD 57324
605-354-4829 |